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February 2021

Valentijn - Happy Valentine's Day

14 Februari - A Celebration of LOVE & BEAUTY

For me, flowers are the embodiment of LOVE in any season. In spring and in summer I occasionally carry home bunches of sweet scented multicoloured lovely flowers and plants, yearning for a tropical greenhouse and lots of space with a grand terras.

Februari 14th has always been a very special celebration of LOVE, as it’s my Godmother’s birthday. When mostly everyone is buying chocolates and red roses, I’ll always be buying tall tulips, cherishing her love, wisdom, nurturing, and the beauty she brings into my life untill this very day.

Stay Healthy
Never Give Up

Be Well! 💕IMG_9990

Auteur: José, J.L. Daemen,
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Music-Workout: bodytraining en bodysculpting - individuele begeleiding en kleine groepjes (online-training)

BBB-training - JLD-counseling / JLD-coaching (wellbeing, wellness, succes, vitaliteitscoaching en ziektepreventie)

De playlist voor jullie home-cardio-work-out en BBB-training is klaar!
Don’t forget to wear your smile today! Have a succesful week!

Wist jij dat dansen je creatiever, mooier èn slimmer maakt en waarom dit zo is?
Met stip op nummer één wat ons betreft
voor psychologische begeleidingsmuziek bij de work-out of danstraining:

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